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Is there any Duolingo educators content for homeschool teachers?

My mom is a homeschool teacher for me and my two brothers, and we are registered Duolingo users. I understand there is lots of special content for school teachers. Does the same apply for homeschool parents?

August 29, 2018



The teachers can assign homework but there is no "special content". In fact, teachers have the ability to reduce or limit the content, but there is no extra content available to teachers.

You can find out more at https://schools.duolingo.com/


Have you tried Mango homeschooling?: https://mangolanguages.com/homeschool/

I read about it from another user here in a Duolingo thread.


You're mother can simply apply as a school teacher, and use it at home since duolingo doesn't require you to work in an actual school to be an educator.

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