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Zhuó and Zhe

What is the difference between 着 (zhuó) and 着 (zhe)? I know zhe is to make an action continuous right now and zhuó goes in sentences like "he is wearing..." Does zhuó have a meaning by itself? When I enter zhuó in google translate using a Chinese keyboard I get the right character, but it tells me it is zhe.

August 29, 2018



From looking at words, 着 by it self is always zhe, which has several meanings, but when combined with certain other "words" it makes a compound pronounced zhuo, (and other pronunciations.) I have confirmed this with my wife who is a native speaker, and a Chinese teacher/translator. The combination affects the pronunciation.


Thanks, that is helpful.


I think this word could be pronounced as (zhao) too. It has quite a number of pronunciations.

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