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Correct or Incorrect?

Why is this given as a correct Chinese sentence:

But when I use it in an exercise the same exact sentence is counted wrong:

They use 就 in their own sentence, but using 就 in my answer was counted wrong. I don't understand.

August 29, 2018



I also face the same. No wonder, we deal with mechine right. Something must be wrong with coding i think.


I'm chinese(grew up in England but I go to a chinese school) so i don't really bother will learning it, I was just wasting time on Duolingo. It's hard to explain, but you can never translate chinese to english word to word.If we translate your chinese sentence to english then it would be- If you cannot come then you must tell us. The 就 is not needed. Google translate is not helpful as they translate the words wrong.And what did you translate the chinese sentence to? Then i can help you more. :)


The English sentence was "If you cannot come, you must tell us." My sentence was 如果你不能来就一定要告诉我们. It said the correct sentence is 如果你不能来一定要告诉我们. Yet on the very next exercise my sentence 如果你不能来就一定要告诉我们 is given and it asks for the English translation.


If that is what you have done, i believe that Duolingo is wrong, but we can't complain too much as it is a free website.When i was doing the placement test, it did say some of my answers were wrong when they were correct. If it's really bugging you, you could of reported that problem or just complain to the Duolingo support.:)


Thanks! No, can't complain here because I love Duolingo and I'm happy to be able to learn Chinese for free!


The 就 added is like "If you cannot come, then you must tell us." There are other words that translate to "then" but 就 serves that feeling. On Duo, sometimes when you put the words in a different order that sounds correct, it doesn't apply to them.


That's really weird......

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