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  5. "Space is big. Really big."

"Space is big. Really big."

Translation:tIn logh. tInqu'.

August 29, 2018



tIn logh. tInqu'. vItlhqu'ghach Dojmey law' ghajbogh je DaHarbe'bej. yajlaHbe' yablIj. va, taw DaghoSchugh Hoplaw' Hergh ngevwI' qach, 'ach bo'DaghHom Dalo' logh Daqelbe'chugh. yI'Ij...


You've inspired me to complete my attempt at translating this snippet, which I gave up as a bad job a while back:

{tIn logh. tInqu'. tInqu'ghachDaj tInqu' DaHarbe' neH, yablIj DuqmoHmo' 'oH. tawDaq Hop Hergh Suy qach chuq chaq 'e' DaQub; 'ach logh chuqvetlh je patlhmoHlu'DI', ramqu' chuq.}


sigh One day I might be good enough to work out which bit says, "that's just peanuts to space"...


Worry not, you'll get there soon enough. It'll be the bit towards the end, after an {'a} or {'ach}, with a {logh} in there somewhere. Recall it's "But that's just peanuts..."

But if you were going to do your own translation of just that bit, you'd first try to work out the underlying meaning. What does this idiom mean in simple terms? Are those simple terms within the vocabulary that you know?

SuStel considered the simple terms to be associated with a specific idiom found in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller. {'ach bo'DaghHom Dalo' logh Daqelbe'chugh} "But you use a little scoop if you don't consider Space." To "use a big scoop" is to exaggerate, to "use a little scoop" is to minimise the importance of something.

My simple terms were less idiomatic. {'ach logh chuqvetlh je patlhmoHlu'DI', ramqu' chuq.} "But when one ranks/compares space and that distance, the distance is very trivial." (Where a distance referring to the hike down to the medicine merchant was previously mentioned.)

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