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  5. "Mereka tidak tahu."

"Mereka tidak tahu."

Translation:They do not know.

August 30, 2018



@Esther561097: If you say that, the translation should be "Mereka bukan tahu".


what is the difference between tidak and bukan? i think they both mean the same thing


This is a late reply, but I think you only use bukan when saying no to a noun- whereas tidak is used for verbs and adjectives. Like you would say: Saya tidak pergi ke sekolah, using tidak to negate the verb. But in this phrase: Saya bukan orang Jepang, you would use bukan because orang Jepang is a noun, not a verb. Hope this helps!


can't we also use the word Tau instead of Tahu?


"tau" is not really an indonesian word, it's only used in informal conversation


terima kasih, 1CN5ijC. but my Indonesian fiancé taught me Tau and not Tahu. i will ask her what the difference is here as she also tells me Saya is used more in Melayu than Indo. hmmm


You shouldnt worry about it. You can just say and write tau as many other people do. A general rule of linguistics is - today's most frequent mistakes are tomorrow's rules. There's lots of variety and many dialects in the Indonesian language.


They do not... TOFU! LOL!

I know that tahu can be tofu (Ta-hoo) and Know (Ta-oo) I am making a joke.


aku tahu tahu lol

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