August 30, 2018



This feels Islamic. Is it common in general Indonesian?

August 30, 2018


Yes, it's from Islamic Arabic. There's a bunch of Bahasa phrases that came by that route - including the more complete Asalamualaikum, the reply Walaikumsalam, and Inshallah (god willing). (not sure on the spellings here)

I guess being something like 80% Muslim-majority, it's not really surprising some Islamic phrases get adopted into the general language. English has done the same with a bunch of Christianity-derived phrases - things like "Bless you" as the response to a sneeze.

Just like the "bless you" case, the use in Bahasa seems to have diverged a bit from the the strict Islamic interpretation, and can be used by non-Muslims.

Especially for "inshallah", it's diverged quite a bit, and has become almost a way to politely dismiss an obligation:

"Will you come back (next week, etc)?" "Inshallah"

Literally meaning- "if god wills" But more colloquially; it's more of a "I might, but won't make a commitment to it" - or even "probably not"

September 21, 2018


it's neutral, but it's rarely used (or at least for me)

August 30, 2018


welcome should be accepted here imo

November 15, 2018


Salam is a common way to sign off a letter etc. I would translate it as "regards"

February 9, 2019
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