"Saya perlu mencari pengalaman bekerja."

Translation:I need to look for some work experience.

August 30, 2018



Is there a word here that would indicate "some"?

August 30, 2018


no, nothing references to the word "some"

August 30, 2018


No, it's just added to make the English translation more common/logic.

This is the literal meaning.

"Saya" mean "I", "perlu" mean "need", "mencari" mean "look for", "pengalaman" mean "experience", "bekerja" mean "work"

When we put them together "I need look for work experience"

August 30, 2018


Thank you, I was just checking, because I reported that my translation "I need to look for work experience" should be accepted, as it is the more common or logical translation in American English, but then I had the thought that I might be missing something.

"Mencari" does not appear to mean "look," but rather "seek" or "look for." I think "look" would be "melihat." You couldn't use "mencari" to mean look at something whose location you already know, could you?

August 30, 2018


My natural way of phrasing this sentence would be "I need to find work experience" (which, somewhat understandably, isn't accepted). I know that they are both two opposite ends of the same process, and it might be better suited to "Saya perlu menemukan pengalaman bekerja", but in my mind "look for" and "find" are synonymous in actual use.

e.g. If someone were to ask, "What are you doing?"

"I'm looking for my glasses."

"I'm finding my glasses."

Know what I mean? XD

October 17, 2018


In this contex "job" should be an acceptable substitute for "work". Agreed that there is no reference to "some" in the Indonesian version, therefore should not be included in English translation.

December 2, 2018
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