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Das Madchen = Girl, but Boy = ?

Why is " girl" so commonly used in the lessons but not "boys"?

Just an observation!

March 30, 2013



My guess is that das Mädchen - die Mädchen is used more in the beginning because it's easier that der Junge - die Jungen, but I don't know it that is the reasoning. Other reason might be to display that word genders are not always what one might expect.


I'm not sure whether this is done intentionally or not. But if so, the two main reasons I see (and already mentioned by Lynoure) are:

  • It's good for English native speakers to be exposed to 'das Mädchen' a lot since it's very counter-intuitive for them to use the neuter gender for girls

  • 'Junge' follows weak declension and not the more common strong declension. It can be confusing for learners if they are exposed to both schemes too early.


Thank you to both of you for your replies. Could you elaborate a bit more on "declension"?

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