"The education in Japan is very good."

Translation:Pendidikan di Jepang sangat bagus.

August 30, 2018

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I wrote "baik" instead of "bagus." Is there a difference?


"Baik" and "bagus" are not interchangeable in this context. And I'm afraid @1CN5ijzC misunderstood the difference...

"Baik" is used when you describe someone's good personalities, good relationship between people or organizations, or good situations.

"Bagus" is used when inanimate objects or intangible things are good.

You can find example sentences here: https://www.ilc-sydney.com/difference-between-baik-and-bagus/

"Sangat" means "very" and can be followed by both "baik" and "bagus". Therefore, you can't regard "bagus" stronger than "baik".


Thanks for the detailed explanation. It's very clear now.


7 months later from my previous comment, it turned out that the explanation by a Sydney-based language school has a (small) FLAW. Both BAIK and BAGUS can be used in this context even though "education" is not a human being.

The same pattern is found here: "The service of this store is very good." Both BAIK and BAGUS are accepted (as of Oct 2021 with a screenshot). ==> https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29286446?comment_id=52703299

You'll find the in-depth reason and 13 useful example sentences on HiNative. ==> https://hinative.com/questions/20189528


Pendidikan itu di Jepang sangat bagus marked wrong....i thought you'd need itu to classify pendidikan


You have two lessons here.

First, the word order is incorrect. "Itu/ini" is at the tail end of the entire nominal phrase in most of the cases. I've explained the logic of the word order here on a related sentence discussion. ==> https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/51853527?comment_id=51853528

Now, you may wonder whether "pendidikan di Jepang ITU sangat bagus" (i.e. swap the word order) is correct or not. This altered sentence is grammatically correct, but ITU isn't the equivalent of "the" in English anymore. ITU functions as a substitute for ADALAH in a casual conversation. And ITU can bridge between a subject and an adjective while ADALAH cannot do so. For more information, please read another Q/A on HiNative. ==> https://hinative.com/questions/20243381


What's wrong with edukasi?


Hi, coming from a native speaker - we don't use edukasi too much in daily life. Also, "edukasi" tends to emphasize on the "process of education and how it is conducted" and has a more formal context while "pendidikan" is mostly used to simply refer to the daily aspects of education (teachers, classrooms, teaching materials, and overall quality).

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