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Food Accusative Level 0

This is nitpicky, but as someone who is used to working in environments with non-native English speakers...

In the food accusative lesson's explanation text, the verb snášet is given and translated as "stand". Obviously, stand in a food sense means to tolerate. But stand on its own is vague. Is it stand up? Is it tolerate? Etc. Would it be better to list it in the table as tolerate (food) or stand (to like food) to improve clarity? Or do most people spot it immediately as stand = to like? Or am I missing a subtlety to to this verb that doesn't stick it in either tolerate or like?

August 30, 2018



Yeah, it is nebulous. Our real goal is to teach "nesnášet" rather than "snášet", and the trouble is that negation does not work the same between the verbs available for the concept of (non-)aversion in the two languages. To suggest that Snáším hrušky. is I like pears. would be even more misleading than the non-ideal "stand". It is much closer to not hating them than to liking them.

The column heading "stand" was mostly meant to avoid the impression that we are talking about laying eggs, carrying objects down, gathering stuff together, and all kinds of other meanings for the positive verb (ÚJČ handbook entry).

To address your concerns, we can elaborate a bit (no dissertations, as the tips are length-limited). It cannot happen in the table heading, though, because we cannot afford to make the table any wider. (If you can make Duo take back the columnization of tips and notes that killed wider tables, we will be grateful. We used to be able to have tables spanning the full width of the display, and that helped us rely on tables much more. In other words, we are also width-limited.) Instead, I am adding the language below:

The verb shown in the "stand" column would be close to "tolerate" when used without negation. But it is almost always used as a negated verb best translated as "cannot stand":

  • Nesnáším hrušky. (I can't stand pears.)


If you have a petition to have wider tables I'm happy to sign on. And thank you for commenting, it explains the situation nicely and gives me a link to a site I haven't come across yet.

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