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  5. "Nyangumi ni mkubwa"

"Nyangumi ni mkubwa"

Translation:The whale is huge

August 30, 2018



We were taught that -kubwa is "big", but I feel that "huge" is more of "very big" than of "big" alone. Can -kubwa mean both? Asante!


Yeah, if you've decided to use the word huge, you want to emphasise the extremeness of the large size, so I'd say this should be mkubwa sana, not just mkubwa. Obviously nothing translates 1:1, but I would definitely look at this sentence and just say "A whale is big"


What is the difference between huge (correct translation of mkubwa) and massive (incorrect translation of mkubwa)?


I would guess that needs a report. They're synonyms, just on a different scale of largeness, and if this sentence allows both "big" and "huge," it should also allow "massive."

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