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  5. "Čekám u matčina auta."

"Čekám u matčina auta."

Translation:I am waiting by my mother's car.

August 30, 2018



This exercise is incorrect. The lady is not pronouncing "u" in the sentence. What she really says is "Čekám matčina auta" (which is a nonsense sentence).


Granted, it is difficult to hear u at the normal speed, but it is quite clear on slow.


I didn't understand the "u matčina" part even though I am a native speaker. It should definitely be more understandable.


For me it is quite clear on the slow speed. At normal speed, it sounds rushed, but I can hear that the "u" is there. I'm a big fan of replaying a sentence on slow if I'm not sure about something.


There is nothing we can do, apart from disabling the listening exercise. But from my listening it is not that bad, I can hear the u there, even in normal speed.

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