"What did you have for breakfast?"

Translation:Tu cos'hai avuto a colazione?

March 30, 2013

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Is Duolingo just being inconsistent with when the article is required? It told me "What did you make for lunch?" was "Cos'hai fatto per il pranzo?" but here the article for "colazione" is not required. Very confused.


This type of phrasing is more common without the article, but the definite article can be used if you reference a particular meal:

  • Ecco cosa mangiamo per il pranzo di Pasqua.
  • Cosa facciamo per la colazione di capodanno?


I thought 'to have breakfast' used the verb fare, per esempio, "Ho fatto frutta per colazione." Is that not right?


In your example, and in the question given, you're splitting the "have breakfast" with another word (two in your case). Fare colazione only works when kept together.

"Having something for breakfast" is grammatically different to "having breakfast".

Admittedly, when I saw this question my first thought was to use fare.

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