"That pretty girl is not thinking about him."

Translation:Ta hezká dívka nemyslí na něho.

August 30, 2018

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I take it my answer “… na ho nemyslí” is wrong because I used “ho” after a preposition, where I should have used “něho” instead, correct?


Yes... assuming everything else in your answer matched the translation above (or an accepted alternative).


Why not "Ta hezká dívka o něm nemyslí." as a translation of the prompt "That pretty girl is not thinking about him."?


No, myslet requires "na" for the object. Přemýšlet can use "o něm".


Why is "Na něho nemysli ta hezká dívka" not accepted?



It is a very strange order. It strongly focuses on the girl by placing it final, the girl is the new information here. Looks like a less likely answer to "Who is not thinking about him?" "THAT PRETTY GIRL is not thinking about him. Keeping the likelihood of such a question aside, even then "Ta hezká holka na něj nemyslí." is more likely to be used (stressing the first word, the point of the answer). Your order also secondarily stresses "na něho" but still makes the girl the focus.


I said 'ta hezka holka ..... " is holka wrong here, rather than divka? I made other mistakes also but that is not my question here.


ta hezká holka is correct


What is the difference between holka and děvče? Where can i find the grammar?


Why are "něj" and "něho" equally correct here?

The correct answer contains "něho". I used "něj" instead, but the app did not show me a corrected sentence, but accepted mine as "perfect" answer.

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