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Looking for a French partner

Title says it all. I'm looking for people to add to my Duolingo friends list to compete with! It's starting to get hard for me to find incentive to get on here and practice my french everyday, so having other scores to compete against would definitely motivate me more.

March 30, 2013



I also find it hard to practice everyday, however feel free to add me as I am also learning French. Cheers !


Hi! I'm also learning French. You can compete with my scores if you like. :-) I added you to my friend list.


waw, c'est bien de savoir qu'il y a du monde qui veulent vraiment apprendre le fran├žais!!!

My mother tongue is french, could help all of you if you feel like it, but can you help me a little bit in english? I lack in vocabulary word :)


I have time in the evenings for live practice over skype if you want to do that :)


Added you as a friend, though i still do not know enough french to converse ,I do know a bit of English. Also my mother tongue is Hindi , for the record .


Added you. Seems like our marks are quite close. PS I might not be able to play duolingo consistently but I'll try my best to make time for it.


Wow, we're very close in points! This makes me more motivated. You're on, miss!


Hi! I am also doing French, so I added you to my list. :)


I have added you. I'm just a bit ahead of you, but that's because I've been on vacation. From next week I'll be working at a slower (but steady) pace.

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