"Urutan ini salah."

Translation:This order is wrong.

August 30, 2018

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Since the root of the word "urut" means "sort", maybe this isn't a synonym of "nomor" in the first place, but only means "order" and the course creator used "number" in the sense of "You're number 1, I'm number 2, etc." Just speculation on my part, though.


the dictionary says "number" for "Urutan", but the correct solution says "Order". You guys have a lot of work to make this class useable.


hi. it is a little confusing.

i can understand the use of 'order' here as 'urutan' refers to the order or sequence in which things are arranged. perhaps 'sequence' would be a better word choice for the example to make this context clearer.

however, as others have noted 'urutan' may also translate to 'number' when indicating a particular order position within a sequence. 'mereka ada di urutan sebelas' which translates as 'they are in/ on number eleven', but which really means something like 'they are in position number eleven in this particular order of things' or 'they are in the eleventh position in this particular sequence'. similarly, 'urutan kamu berapa?' is asking someone something like 'where are you placed in this particular sequence?'. i imagine a context being say in a queue.

it would be great if an indonesian speaker could clarify here?


May I know which dictionary refers to "number"? I just checked with Google, the translation are order, sequence and succession


The dictionary entry that pops up when you hover over the word "Urutan".


Other questions this lesson also expect urutan to be translated as "Number" inlcuding "Mereka ada di urutan sebelas" = "They are on number 11" and "Urutan kamu berapa?" = "What is your number?"


Yea. There are a lot of irregularities with this course. I was waiting forever to get started, but now I am a bit disappointed. I mean the language can still be learned with the course, but they really neglected the English translations which is really noticeable due to the fact that there are so few English to Bahasa Indonesia translations in the course. Also the differences in tenses, the "itu" being "that" or "the" are matters of context. They need to accept all possible translations.


Maybe "This sequence is wrong".


Can anyone explain to me? When to use "wrong" & when to use "false"???


Are you asking as a native English speaker struggling with possible translations of "salah", or do you need a better understanding of the differences in English? I can help with the latter, but not really the former.

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