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"Two million and two hundred thousand."

Translation:Dua juta dua ratus ribu.

August 31, 2018



We don't pronounce the 'and' as 'dan' in Indonesian. We just delete it.

Two million and two hundred thousand = Dua juta dua ratus ribu. Not Dua juta dan dua ratus ribu.


I wouldn't use the "and" in english either. Should be "two million two hundred thousand"


Which is what makes this confusing. As the presumption is then that it wants you to include 'and' as if they are separate numbers.


I agree. I would interpret "two million two hundred thousand" as 2,200,000 but I would interpret "two million and two hundred thousand" as "2,000,000 and 200,000".


I said tambah


It is not proper to insert the AND in English. It is commonly used, but not proper.

The phrase should be "two million two hundred thousand". DL has it wrong.


In English the 'and' makes this two different numbers 2,000,000 and 200,000. As in Indonesian you don't put an and here if it is read as the single number 2,200,000. Got this wrong kedua before i could remember to ignore the and


If this sentence intends on saying 2,200,000, there shouldn't be an "and" there. Otherwise none of the translations provided are exactly correct.


Hm so in BI it's the same as in English. Without the "and". Now it's like 2.000.000 & 200.000.


Native English speakers often insert the word "and" where it does not belong. The proper way to say this is "two million two hundred thousand".


Why dan is not used i got confused


Because the English phrase is written incorrectly by the staff at DuoLingo. The correct way to write it in English is "two million two hundred thousand". The number is 2,200,000.

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