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  5. "Dia keluar ke luar."

"Dia keluar ke luar."

Translation:She goes outside.

August 31, 2018



I get the repetition here; as I understand, it roughly translates to “She [goes out/leaves/exits] to the [outside/outdoors]” Just wondering, would this be a common or natural way of phrasing this question in Bahasa?


No need to repeat the "ke luar", "keluar" already implies the outside part


I think the repetition is to just emphasise the difference between "kemana" and "ke mana" for language learners, like word play.


I am really confused here as I do not understand the repeat of 'ke luar' It stands to reason that, if you are going outside, you are going to the outside. I noted the repeats in other directions as well. May I have a good explanation of this repeat business. Thank you


Literally, it says "I exit to the outside." I think "luar" here means "outdoors" more than "outside."


yet when I gave that as the translation duoloingo said it was wrong!


Ini Bahasa Indonesia yang paling membingungkan. Saya yang native speaker aja juga bingung membacanya.


She exits to the outside/outdoors would seem to be a better representation of the idea


It’s not a natural way of saying it in English though, “She goes outside/outdoors” is the way it would normally be worded.


I think it should be "Dia pergi ke luar."


First of all.... I wish my life that easy like this sentence.

Second... No need for second "Keluar" as "Keluar" is verb + noun Dia Keluar = she exits OR she goes outside Dia pergi keluar --- she goes to exit or outside

Dia + Keluar + Keluar =. she exits from the exit = no send INI Dugaa saya... Correct me


Can we say : dia pergi keluar?


Seharusnya, 'dia keluar' saja sudah berterima dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Tidak perlu repetisi.

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