"This is the main question."

Translation:Ini pertanyaan yang utama.

August 31, 2018

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    In my book, yang means "which".

    For example:

    1.) Dia makan apel yang saya suka= she is eating an apple WHICH I like.

    2.) Tini punya mobil tua yang merah= Tini has an old car WHICH is red.

    3.) kucing saya yang kecil itu= That is my cat WHICH is small. OR that small cat WHICH is mine.

    4.) ini pertanyaan yang utama= this is the question WHICH is main/prime.


    does anyone know why 'ini pertanyaan utama' is incorrect here? or what is the function of the -nya suffix to the adjective in the correct answer: 'ini pertanyaan utamanya'?


    Without "Yang", the answer is correct too, it's optional

    As for the "nya" it's one of the translation for the word "the"


    Without yang it would translate as, this main question ... as opposed to that main question ... which is not the same as identifying 'the' main question.


    Perhaps "yang" is being used here to emphasize "utama". I think the phrase would maintain the same basic concept with or without it, and still be grammatical.


    I want to know why "yang" needs to be placed in-between "pertanyaan" and "utama"? Thus far the describing word for any noun has always followed immediately after that noun.

    The answer appears to say "This question the main". Makes sense meaning wise - just seems inconsistent to the rules I previously understood

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