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War Memorial in Bialystok

Hi! I recently visited Poland for the first time. In Bialystok I saw a very moving war memorial. I wish I could post a photo of it here. I would love some help translating the inscription. It reads: W HOLDZIE JENCOM WOJENNYM KOZIELSKA OSTASZKOWA STAROBIELSKA WIEZNIOM KIJOWA I MINSKA POMORDOWANYM W 1940 R PRZEZ NKWD W 60-TA ROCZNICE ZBRODNI RODZINA KATYNSKA W BIALYMSTOKU WRZESIEN 2000 R

The best I can make out, it translates: "In honor of the prisoners of war of Kozielska, Ostaszkowa, Starobielska, prisoners Kiev and Minsk, murdered in 1940 by the NKVD in the 60th anniversary of the crime."

So far it makes sense, but then it says "rodzina Katynska" which I think means "Katyn family," but that doesn't make much sense.

And the last is "In Bialystok, September, 2000."

I'm really surprised I can't find any info about this memorial online. It's a very moving sculpture of Mother Mary holding a fallen soldier. Any help with the translation would be much appreciated!

August 31, 2018



Oh yes! I live 3 km form Poland in the Czech Reppublic, and we haven't gone further than Kraków, so we're planning on visiting Warszawa and Bialystok.

I want to see if it's true what they say about Bialystok, and if there really are sings and suff in Esperanto since the creator was from there...


Well, there's a statue of Zamenhof, but not much else, like, on the streets. Then there's the "Centrum Zamenhofa" with exhibitions about Esperanto, its creator and the city as it was then. And that's it.


I studied in Bialystok for one semester. There was a note with some info about Zamenhof outside my university but that was all I noticed.


Hi Sarah, So far it makes sense, but then it says "rodzina Katynska" which I think means "Katyn family," but that doesn't make much sense.

"Rodzina Katyńska" means a family which members were killed in the Katyń massacre. Also, like in this case, it's the name of the organization of these families - I suppose they founded the statue.

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