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  5. "Do your work."

"Do your work."

Translation:अपना काम करो।

August 31, 2018



My Hindi book said that this sentence has a similar meaning to "Mind your own business". Can anyone confirm this?


Yes, it can mean "Mind your own business", too.


Would आपका काम करो work here?


Ummm.... It is sort of complicated for me to explain. But let me try....

अपना is used to express the belonging of the subject.

Eg आप अपना काम करो। (You do your work)

वो अपना काम करे। (He shall do his work)

आपका would be used if someone else was doing the work of person in front of me.

वो आपका काम करे| (He shall do your work)

To say You do his work. आप उसका काम करो|

I hope this clears things up a bit


This is one of those sentences where the subject is implicit, like "कैसे हो?" (How are you?). The तुम is understood.

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