"That book is hers."

Translation:Buku itu miliknya.

August 31, 2018

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I still don't understand why this doesn't work: Itu bukunya

Technically it literally translates to 'That is her book', I get that, but, if my understanding is correct, there is no practical difference between 'itu bukunya' and 'buku itu miliknya' in Bahasa. They are effectively the exact same. Just like there's no practical difference in English between 'That book is hers' and 'That is her book'.

Shouldn't both be acceptable? Duolingo does this a lot and it gets annoying having to cater to their impractical sentence structure nuances instead of just focusing on practical language learning.


Not a native speaker here, but I can actually see difference between these two English phrases. "That is her book" can be a response to the question "What is that?" (that is her book — Itu bukunya), as well as to "Whose book is that?" (that is her book — Buku itu miliknya). And "That book is hers" can only be applied in the latter case, so it is translated to Indonesian as "Buku itu miliknya".


Agreed, especially since this is inconsistent. Some answers they accept or require "Itu bukunya" type responses


No, the reason is actually basic. "That book is hers" and "that is her book" are different sentences since they have different subjects and different predicates. Putting your logic in a different context, "that is my father" = "that father is mine", it's easy to spot that these pairs don't really equal each other.


Hmm jeah, they are the same but if you modify the wording (even though with exactly same meaning), you won't be able to learn the possessive vocabulary properly. Duolingo is teaching you the vocabulary, meaning ,structure etc., not only for you to understand


Yes, that's correct.
It has the same meaning but another use of the possessive.

Here is more info about the word order in a noun phrase:

Adjectives, Noun Phrase, Tips & Notes, Addendum.

'ini' , 'itu', Tips & Notes, Addendum.


Or at least some kind of explanation and not just always translations. Then this app would be much much better, explaining grammar rules and such.


There's a difference between "that book is hers" and "that is her book". In meaning it's very similar, but you need to learn how the grammar works.

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    Can someone explain why it can't be 'Buku itu dia'?


    Buku itu dia would translate as 'that book is her'. So it doesn't have a possisive word so it doesnt really make sense.


    Buku itu (adalah) dia
    The book is hers

    But I guess you mean
    Buku itu punya dia
    That book is hers


    Dns.dns is correct. In some cases there is "no difference" between that book is hers or that is her book. For indonesians both would be acceptable as they do not have certain nuisances that english has. However there is actually a difference. Im finding it frustrating but if it was easy everyone would speak fluently in every language.


    Is there a major difference between:

    Itu buku miliknya And Buku itu miliknya

    Some questions seem to accept either orientation.


    Yes there is, in sentence structure


    Previous lesson was ini bukunya which translated to this is her book. So l assumed identical structure to itu bukunya for next sentence! Very frustrating.


    For your sentence to work, the indonesian sentence would need to be "itu bukunya", but the sentence was "buku itu miliknya", so it's "that book is hers"

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      Kalau tidak salah, 'Itu bukunya' juga benar. Terima kasih.


      Sama sama bobBrown974359 Aku akan following you


      Duolingo... You have a problem with possession. Please have a look. This book is hers... Ini miliknya = correct That book is hers... Itu miliknya = incorrect. Please have a look here. Phil


      bukunya itu why wrong?


      Isn't it literally translated as "her book is that"?


      I read the explaination but none really add up ... in english .. That book is hers ...that is her book Both mean that book belongs to her


      They both mean the same, but emphasis is different and structure is different. "Ini bukunya" is "this is her book". "Buku ini miliknya" means "this book is hers". Duo is trying to teach sentence structure


      Exactly. Problem in the software response. Duolingo has a problem with possession in the bahasa Indonesia sense. Phil


      The previous question was "This book is hers" and it accepted "Ini bukunya". Now they ask "That book is hers" and "Itu bukunya" is not accepted ??


      It probably shouldn't have accepted that for the previous one then. Because the previous answer should've been 'buku ini miliknya'. So copying from this, would give you the right answer


      What wrong with: Itu bukunya?


      "That is her/his/its book" is not the same as "That book is hers/his". Different subjects, different predicates.


      Itu bukunya should also be correct


      Whats the difference between "buku ini miliknya" and "buku ini milik dia"?


      Kenapa "bukunya miliknya" salah??


      ...bukunya = buku miliknya DUOLINGO do you know both mean the same? one is just more formal then the other !!!


      I thought milik means mine?


      Just expressing my frustration, just ignore this! Why do these lessons teach us the same sentence in multiple ways? Just teach us one way and let us know that very well, after that we can move on to saying the same thing in a different way. This stuff makes me confused and annoyed!


      It's a duolingo problem. They do not care!

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