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Duolingo helped me learn a language!!!

Ignoring my rather obvious title I would like to say -- I'm addicted to Duolingo. I can't wait to finish the whole course because I'm learning so much faster than my stupid French class at school. I don't understand half the things but here I can learn at my own pace. <3 you duolingo owl and the website :)

March 30, 2013



It is kind of addictive. I start many projects, but rarely do I finish them (one of my flaws). With Duolingo, I may not log in every day, but I'm finding I always come back . . . . so for me, that's a testament to this sites success and effectiveness.


I learned more on Duolingo in one week than I did in four years of school.


Happy to hear this! Thanks!


I tested out Duolingo by revising my rusty Spanish. It's so effective that I've finally taken the plunge into German, as well! The owl is rather adorable, but the system they use just seems to make the information stick. So delighted!


I'm learning more Spanish in a few days than I have in 8 years of daily Spanish classes in school!


me too,i am fond of learning french on Duolingo

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