Web Version and Unsupported Languages in the Apps

This is more of a design flaw / UX issue then a bug I will say from the outset.

Its fairly easy to replicate, simply start learning a language unsupported by the iOS app and practice it on the web version and then start browsing around the site or simply click the Duolingo logo in the navbar.

The mobile version of the site constantly tries to load the app if its installed.

This is of course completely useless as the app isn't updated concurrently with the web version so you must constantly deal with the “unsupported language” popup > close the app > switch back to the browser and figure out and alternative way to get to the content you meant to.

Most sites would either give a prompt to open the app or a persistent link but if your going to force a redirect to the app I suggest you pre-check the platform and confirm the language they are using exists in the app OR at least set a session cookie to not constantly send them to the app if you already have been redirected and switched back to the web version

August 31, 2018

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I upvoted your thread.

What browser are you working on IOS? Is it Safari?

Have you tried it in another web browser like Firefox, Chrome if that is supported by IOS?

Most sites would either give a prompt to open the app or a persistent link

I heard several users complain about the mobile compact view code changes which FORCES the app to it a more recent browser version update which maybe does this?

Obviously you are more experiened in this topic as you tell us that other (mobile compact) websites get it right and Duolingo does not anymore.


  • Workaround solution #1 (surely you do not like to hear this): Deinstall the app

I wonder how anyone can learn/practice (with the focus of review) a language with tapping word banks"?!?
This IMHO won't work too well with Romance languages like Spanish or French with all their complicated verb conjugations, tenses and MUST-HAVE accents/diacritics!!
You need to practice the writing!

  • Workaround #2 (if you really want to first learn (L0 purple) lessons for NEW skills by tapping):
    Use an Android device or try with an Android emulator (KOPlayer, Bluestacks, NOX, Memu, etc.) first if the same "forced app loading" problem is also there.

Pardon me but I do not understand why you must rely on tapping - instead of typing - with a language like Indonesian?
Difficulty rating is 2 of 5:
According to "Google translate" the alphabet is easy readable like German and Romance languages (I do not learn Indonesian)?

For Asia languages like Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese who all use a different writing script I would understand it better.

Is it just because tapping is so much faster / easier with touchscreens?

I rarely used the Android app on an emulator for a few NEW Portuguese skills.

August 31, 2018
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