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  5. "Kami tidak pergi petang ini."

"Kami tidak pergi petang ini."

Translation:We do not go this afternoon.

August 31, 2018



From what I understand "Petang" is more common in Malaysia while "Sore" is more common in Indonesia. Can anybody confirm or deny this?


I had never heard of petang and have been studying Indonesian(at uni in Aus and a short course in Mataram in Indonesia) for many a year and speak with Indonesians a lot.


None one used petang in jawa tengah ... Should be sore


I have never used petang.... it's not regularly used in Indonesian


'Evening' is given as an alternative definition of 'petang' but isn't accepted in the translation, is there a reason its incorrect in this context?


"Petang"is from 3PM to 6PM, so it can be afternoon or evening

Please report your answer


Selamat petang (4.30 to 6.30) is formal Indo similar to selamat sore (2.30 to 6.30), although petang as a single word can refer to evening and night; plus it can refer to dark,dusk, etc in sentences. The exact times given a ave can vary a bit depending upon sunset. In colloquial Indo none of this is consistent.


Ada apa dengan "siang"? Adalah dari kapan ke kepan?


i've been told 'siang' is from around 11am until about 3pm. however it is also used generally to refer to the 'daytime' in the expression 'siang hari'.

but as we can see in this course there appears to be some crossover of word choice once afternoon and evening time arrive! it would be good then, where no further context is provided, if all possible answers be accepted.


If you use evening in the English translation it's marked wrong, but doesn't dusk mean when the sun sets? Wouldn't that be considered evening more than afternoon?


I have never heard anyone in Indonesia use the word "petang" Could it be Malaysian?


That is a formal word and usually used by news readers on tv or words contained in newspapers


Is anyone else concerned with the grammar in this sentence?


Please change to sore. No one petang in central jawa


A lot of confusion over this word Petang?? Speaking to my Indonesian friends they say not really used but means early evening, google translate says evening, but on here means afternoon?? Can we clear this up to be less ambiguous?


No one use petang in daily concersation ...


I don't usually do either. When I do, petang usually refers to late afternoon. No one would say "selamat petang" when it was, say, 12pm.

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