"Four colors are definitely enough."

Translation:Čtyři barvy určitě stačí.

August 31, 2018

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What about Čtyři barvy jsou určitě dost?


It is now accepted although "jsou dostatečné" is more clear. Most of the sentences with "... jsou dost." actually mean "... are/is a lot/plenty.".


Why can't you use jsou for are in this sentence?


Please always report the complete sentence. Note that the are is used in are enough, you can't translate the are on its own.

If you want something like Anders suggested, see the answer that will appear under his question.


Can't i say "ctyri barvy uplne staci"?


It's not exactly the same, more acurately "entirely enough" or "completely enough", but I agree that the meaning is virtually the same, so I've added this option. Also, the collocation "úplně stačí" is very common in Czech, while its direct translations (such as "entirely enough") are not very common in English, which is another reason I agree it should be accepted.

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