"Kterými knihami jste začali vy?"

Translation:Which books did you start with?

August 31, 2018

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"Kterými knihami vy jste začali ?" Is this combination also correct?


No, jste must be in the second position.


Would "You began with which of these books?" be acceptable?


The word order is odd, but the main thing is the shifted meaning ("which books" and "which of these books" being appreciably different). Your sentence corresponds to

  • Vy jste začali kterými z těchto knih?


I understand. Thanks!


It used to be that you couldn't end an English sentence with a preposition, so you'd have to say "With which books did you start?"...is that also closer to the literal translation of this sentence?


You can certainly say "Which books did you start with.?" It's just less formal


Yes, "With which books did you start?" is a more literal translation of the Czech sentence, but that doesn't necessarily make it better. :-) In any case, "Which books did you start with" is widely used and quite acceptable these days. I'll also note that there may be an AmE/BrE preference for one or the other, and I'd expect that "With which books did you start?" is also an accepted translation.

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