"Mereka pulang ke rumahnya, yaitu ke Jakarta."

Translation:They return to their home, that is, to Jakarta.

August 31, 2018

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Without a time signifier, "They returned home, that is, to Jakarta" should also be acceptable.


'They return to their home' should be fine here as well, it's just a more literal translation


The ending is important as it qualifies the sentence ... especially as Indonesians will often return their family home (most often this means their village) as opposed to their place of residence.


The problem is the ambiguity of this sentence. Rumah(nya) would refers to either 'their own respective home' or 'the home of someone (one of them/someone else/or any third person).'


Correct English would be: "They return to their home, that is in Jakarta." Not "to" Jakarta


Agreed. I think that is how they say it. But correctly, it should be going home to (where) at/in (state/land/continent)


Yaitu means that is only in the sense of i.e., that is to say, in other words, to put it another way.

English is tricking us as it lacks a simple word for “that is to say.” If this were, let us say, a Finnish to Indonesian course, we wouldn’t have that problem (but we’d have some other problems instead).

Also, you are overlooking comma number two in the English translation—otherwise it wouldn’t fit “that is in Jakarta.”

You could put it like this: In the example sentence, they return to their home Jakarta, in your alternative translation they return to their home in Jakarta.

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