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Listening Comprehension_French

I simply love you guys . I don't mean to become greedy and impatient, but i was wondering is there a possibility of having a listening comprehension section? Something similar to the official french exams, which can help with strengthening our listening skills .. For example a dialogue between two people on an every day topic etc...

I'd love to use Duolingo as my one stop shop for all my language learning needs. you guys are awesome!

Thanks : )


March 30, 2013

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All dialogue based learning programs. It may not solve your, "one-stop-shop" desire, but they're great programs. I

In order of my experience with them.

Assimil: http://fr.assimil.com/ Linguaphone: http://www.linguaphone.co.uk/ Teach Yourself: http://www.teachyourself.co.uk/Languages.aspx

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