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  5. "Qaj wuS rur qachvetlh."

"Qaj wuS rur qachvetlh."

Translation:That building is brown.

August 31, 2018



You don't say something is brown simply by saying the thing resembles kradge lips; you say something is brown by saying the thing is Doq and resembles kradge lips.

Doq qachvetlh 'ej Qaj wuS rur.
That building is brown.

And even then, it's a specific shade of brown, one that resembles the brown of kradge lips, not a general term for brown.

In general, brown is a shade of Doq. If you've got more than one Doq thing and you want to specify the brown one, you can say Doq 'ej Hurghbe'. When you get to Doq 'ej Qaj wuS rur, you're getting to a very specific shade of brown, of which there might be several covered by Doq 'ej Hurghbe'.


I think you mean Doq 'ej wovbe' rather than Doq 'ej Hurghbe'?

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