"Neha eats her apple."

Translation:नेहा अपना सेब खाती है ।

August 31, 2018

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Neha is a female so it should be "apni" right, not "apna"


seb is male which is the object, so apna is correct


No that is incorrect it should be apna cause mera seb not meri seb


Can someone explain the difference between अपना, उसका, उपका, उनका, etc. I'm going crazy over this...


As I understand it, upna is one's own as in 'my own', 'her own', 'his own', uska is just his or hers, unka is theirs. So if Neha was eating someone else's apple and not her own, you might say 'uska seb', if she was eating their apple, it would be 'unka seb' or if something of the female gender like bread it would be upni roti (her own bread) 'uski roti' (his or her bread) or 'unki roti' (their bread). At least that's how I understand it. (I don't think upka is a word. Aapka or aapki means yours.) Do please correct me, someone, if I'm wrong.


What is the difference between apnaa and uskaa?


In the multiple choice form of this sentence, only one had the name Neha in it, so that made it too easy to make the right choice. But I read the wrong answers anyway just to practice and they were kind of nonsense. It would be nicer if all 3 were very similar.

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