"I will eat any food"

Translation:Nitakula chakula chochote

August 31, 2018



I thought -ote means "any." Is -ote different from -chote?

August 31, 2018


-ote = all
-o-ote = any

watu wote = all people
wato wowote = all people (mtu yeyote = any person, anyone)

chakula chote = all food
chakula chochote = any food

nyumba zote = all houses
nyumba zozote = any houses

August 31, 2018


AGreatUserName, hi, could you please give several more examples. Like, I was just starting to think that the -ote echoes whatever word it is moderating, which is why I got on this discussion, to see if anyone had written anything about it, and lo and behold! you had, and i'm nodding my head on your first two examples, but then we came to the houses example, and that doesn't follow along. So I need to know if that's just a random example that doesn't follow the "rule," or if it is not an anamoly, and that, conversely, i was starting to generate a false rule in my head! Many thanks. (I gave you a lingot! :-) )

March 10, 2019


I can't compete with AGreatUserName but let me try and clarify the issue. The prefix that goes with -ote "echoes" the CLASS of the noun it modifies. And the prefixes for each class are related to verb-agreement prefixes, so it helps if you start with those.

some examples:

wasichana girls (wa - class)

wasichana wote - all girls / wasichana wowote - any girls

nyumba (N/N class): house/houses

nyumba yote: the entire house

nyumba zote: all houses

barua (N/N) : letter/letters

barua yote : the entire letter

barua zozote: any letters

barua zote: all the letters

It just takes some time getting used to this system.

July 12, 2019


check out the Tips and Notes section of the lesson

July 13, 2019
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