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  5. "Lewat mana?"

"Lewat mana?"

Translation:Through which way?

August 31, 2018



The answer should jusy be 'which way?' as in "which way do we go?". 'through which way' is a very odd way to say this


Is there a better way to translate this? I'm not making much sense of how "Through which way?" would be used in English - I can't figure out how to answer the question. ("Through a little labor and a lot of luck," I'm tempted to respond.) Looking on line, I see a lot of phrases of the "dari sini ke sana lewat mana?" variety, which seem to be concerned with how you get from point A to point B. (There even is a LewatMana.com which seems to give real-time information on dodging Jakarta's traffic.) Can this just mean something like "how do you go?" or "how do you get there?"


Can this just mean something like "how do you go?" or "how do you get there?"

Yes, it's exactly like that.
'How do you go , through which way. '
'How do you get there, through which way.'


Thank you for that; only "through which way" still seems like an awkward phrase. But at least the meaning is clearer now.


It's good to know that it's an awkward phrase in English, but to be honest, I don't have a better alternative.


'Via where'? Still sounds clunky though.


By which route?


How would I know that it has to be 'way'? Two words: Through and which. I might just as well say: through which method. I would appreciate an explanation here.

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