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  5. "O artista colore a tela."

"O artista colore a tela."

Translation:The artist colors the screen.

March 30, 2013



"The artist paints the canvas." would be perfectly correct in English


It would! Perhaps the sentence is a little unintuitive, but since the word here is "colore" and not "pinta", "The artist colors the canvas/screen" is the correct translation. :)


well I do not get why tela as canvas is not accepted here


This is nonsense in English, "canvas" would make a little more sense. But you don't usually "color" a canvas, you paint it, and that's not accepted.


There goes the TV!


Verb conjugation is awful, it should say "colora", not "colore", then for you to understand what I mean, the translation for "O artista colore a tela" would be "The artist to color the screen", like if someone wanted him to do it. Obviously this is not wrong if it's preceded by a certain context, but until now we haven't seen the subjunctive mood, and this is supposed to be simple present.


The verb is "colorir" (it ends in "ir", so it's different from those ending in "ar").

Tu colores / Ele colore / Nós colorimos / Vós coloris / Eles colorem

(there is no 1st person for colorir, considered irregular, but it would be Eu coloro)

See "subir" (to go up)

Eu subo / Tu sobes / Ele sobe / Nós subimos / Vós subis / Eles sobem


Now I understand... thank you very much, I should not have given my opinion in my ignorance, sorry about that... anyway, I think this will be helpful for many of us.


That's ok, bro. Learning space.

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