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"Dia tidak punya pengalaman menulis buku."

Translation:She does not have the experience of writing a book.

September 1, 2018



'She does not have book writing experience'?


This sounds the most natural to me.

Or "She has no book writing experience".

Could even phrase it so that she has no "experience IN writing books". Instead of "of".


I don't know why someone downvoted your comment. I think you're totally correct


I asked my indonesian husband about whether this is supposed to mean a one off "experience" or "experience" gained over time. He said it was the latter. So it doesn't make sense to use "the". "She does not have experience writing books." Would probably be better.


She does not have the experience to write a book. This extends the idea of having experience of writing books, to the experience needed (of a subject) to write a book. Is this written differently in Indonesian -- why is my translation not correct?


I agree - in Indonesian it seems to me it would be the same sentence - ..."to write"/"in writing"/"of writing".../etc. Can anyone clarify the difference?


I think Duoling should have an option of "He/She" since "Dia" is a gender neutral in Indonesian


I would say that it would be much more common to not use "the" in this sentence.


Only if it's "writing books" rather than "writing a book"


Poor english winning again

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