"Kucing ini makan apa?"

Translation:What does this cat eat?

September 1, 2018

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Why is my answer "What is this cat eating?" wrong?


your answer are correct too, since indonesian doesn't have tense.

Note that to emphasize the continuous tense, in indonesian we could use the word "sedang"

Kucing ini sedang makan apa?


Kucing ini makan tikus.


Depens on what you feed him/her


This cat is eating what? should be accepted!


I agree. The literal translation is "This cat eats what?". Since this is a proper English sentence, it should be accepted.


Could someone please help explain the word order/construction to me? Why is "Apa kucing ini makan?" incorrect? Does "apa" always come at the end of a question?


Why is "Apa kucing ini makan?" incorrect?

"Apa kucing ini makan?" = Does this cat eat?

Does "apa" always come at the end of a question?

In the strictly formal style, the preferred word order is to start a question with a question word.
That means that 'apa' appears at the beginning of the question.

The word order as shown in the sentence above, is the same word order as in a normal declarative sentence.
In the question sentence 'apa' simply replaces the word that you're asking for.
That's the reason that 'apa' appears at the end.

It works like this :

(+) Kucing ini makan sesuatu. = This cat eats something.
(?) Kucing ini makan apa? = This cat eats what?
(?) Apa yang kucing ini makan? = What does this cat eat?


This makes sense! Thank you

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