"Saya belajar hingga saya bisa."

Translation:I learn until I can.

September 1, 2018

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Perhaps this: "I study until I can do it"


I was wondering the same thing.


Perhaps a variation on George Bernard Shaw's "He who can does; he who cannot teaches." If we can we do. If we cannot we study.


I am having difficulty thinking of an occasion to say this. I think we would need to have something after "can" to give context, in English.


Hai! I think it is very interesting to know if there are better translations to this in English. Since my native language is Spanish, I cannot assure what would be a correct translation.

For the Indonesian sentence, I think the meaning is easier to understand.

Saya belajar = means "I study / I studied", "I learn / I learned"

hingga = until, till, as far as

saya bisa = this can be used as the auxiliary verb "I can", and after "hingga" perhaps it means the state of being able to study; if that, I understand this as an example of ellipsis case in Indonesian, just as in English. But, I still guess if the correct English is "I can do it. / I could do it." or "I am able to do it. / I was able to do it."

So, my guess is:

Can the Indonesian "Saya belajar hingga saya bisa." be the same as "Saya belajar hingga saya bisa belajar."?

If that, can the English translation change?

I hope to not make it difficult. I still see, in some exercises, the English translation could be changed.

Selamat belajar! :)


Can the Indonesian "Saya belajar hingga saya bisa." be the same as "Saya belajar hingga saya bisa belajar."?

This is a strange sentence in Indonesian.
I don't think it has this meaning.

'saya bisa' is translated to 'I can'. I think that in this sentence it has the meaning :
'I can do what I have learned.'
'I have mastered what I have learned.'

I learn [something] until I can [I have mastered the thing that I'm learning].

Saya belajar [masak] hingga saya bisa [masak].
Saya belajar [bersepeda] hingga saya bisa [bersepeda].
Saya belajar [Bahasa Indonesia] hingga saya bisa [berbahasa Indonesia].
Saya belajar [whatever] hingga saya bisa [whatever].


Excuse me... For the third example... Why not "Saya belajar berbahasa Indonesia hingga saya bisa berbahsa Indonesia"?

Also... Can you please tell me the difference between "hingga" and "sehingga" ?


Hingga (conj.) = until, as far as

Sehingga (conj.) = that, so that, so as


Bahasa = noun

Berbahasa = verb

"Saya belajar Bahasa Indonesia ... " = "I learn/study Indonesian language ..."

"... saya bisa berbahasa ..." = "... I can speak ..."


For learning purposes we need a better or different sentence!


The English translation is literal but needs to be changed to convey the meaning of the Indonesian sentence. I agree with arielkbt. A more appropriate translation would be: I learn/study until I am able to do it or until I can do it.


In English, this is not a complete sentence.


I learn as long as I can?


I learn as long as I can = Saya belajar selama saya bisa


"I learn while I can" is a good English sentence, but "I learn until I can" should have a verb after "can".

"I learn until I can read."

I learn until I can fly a plane."


I agree that "study" would be a better choice, because it's a more active word than "learn."


I learn until I can....what? the sentence, as translated, makes no sense, as it is an unfinished sentence. a better translation would be, "I study/learn as much as I can," or"as often as I can."


An odd pair of sentences. Something seems to be missing in each sentence.


Rick392366 said this is not a usual sentence in Bahasa Indonesia. It is certainly unusual in English. Duolingo, please replace this sentence with something usable in Bahasa Indonesia if our understanding here is correct.


Am I the only one who thinks this sentence doesn't make sense.


It really gets old writing here and reporting the awful english in the Indonesian section.


I am not sure this translation into English is too accurate.


It is not. Usually, the verb learn should be followed by a noun. I learn English... they should have used STUDY here.


"I studied until I could."

Or past sentences are not acceptable unless the context clarifies that it is indeed in the past?


Without adverb to show time, Indonesian sentences are always translated into simple present tense in English.


I wrote "I study until I can"

Duolingo told me:

"You have an extra space." and that the correct one should be... "I study until Ican."


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