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"Saya belajar hingga saya bisa."

Translation:I learn until I can.

September 1, 2018



Perhaps this: "I study until I can do it"


Perhaps a variation on George Bernard Shaw's "He who can does; he who cannot teaches." If we can we do. If we cannot we study.


I was wondering the same thing.


I am having difficulty thinking of an occasion to say this. I think we would need to have something after "can" to give context, in English.


Hai! I think it is very interesting to know if there are better translations to this in English. Since my native language is Spanish, I cannot assure what would be a correct translation.

For the Indonesian sentence, I think the meaning is easier to understand.

Saya belajar = means "I study / I studied", "I learn / I learned"

hingga = until, till, as far as

saya bisa = this can be used as the auxiliary verb "I can", and after "hingga" perhaps it means the state of being able to study; if that, I understand this as an example of ellipsis case in Indonesian, just as in English. But, I still guess if the correct English is "I can do it. / I could do it." or "I am able to do it. / I was able to do it."

So, my guess is:

Can the Indonesian "Saya belajar hingga saya bisa." be the same as "Saya belajar hingga saya bisa belajar."?

If that, can the English translation change?

I hope to not make it difficult. I still see, in some exercises, the English translation could be changed.

Selamat belajar! :)


Can the Indonesian "Saya belajar hingga saya bisa." be the same as "Saya belajar hingga saya bisa belajar."?

This is a strange sentence in Indonesian.
I don't think it has this meaning.

'saya bisa' is translated to 'I can'. I think that in this sentence it has the meaning :
'I can do what I have learned.'
'I have mastered what I have learned.'

I learn [something] until I can [I have mastered the thing that I'm learning].

Saya belajar [masak] hingga saya bisa [masak].
Saya belajar [bersepeda] hingga saya bisa [bersepeda].
Saya belajar [Bahasa Indonesia] hingga saya bisa [berbahasa Indonesia].
Saya belajar [whatever] hingga saya bisa [whatever].


Excuse me... For the third example... Why not "Saya belajar berbahasa Indonesia hingga saya bisa berbahsa Indonesia"?

Also... Can you please tell me the difference between "hingga" and "sehingga" ?


I learn as long as I can?


For learning purposes we need a better or different sentence!


I agree that "study" would be a better choice, because it's a more active word than "learn."


The English translation is literal but needs to be changed to convey the meaning of the Indonesian sentence. I agree with arielkbt. A more appropriate translation would be: I learn/study until I am able to do it or until I can do it.


An odd pair of sentences. Something seems to be missing in each sentence.


In English, this is not a complete sentence.


"I studied until I could."

Or past sentences are not acceptable unless the context clarifies that it is indeed in the past?


I learn until I can....what? the sentence, as translated, makes no sense, as it is an unfinished sentence. a better translation would be, "I study/learn as much as I can," or"as often as I can."


I wrote "I study until I can"

Duolingo told me:

"You have an extra space." and that the correct one should be... "I study until Ican."



"I learn while I can" is a good English sentence, but "I learn until I can" should have a verb after "can".

"I learn until I can read."

I learn until I can fly a plane."

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