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"The bekk cleaned the captain's baby."

Translation:HoD ghu Say'moH beq.

September 1, 2018


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What is a bekk?


It's a crewmember. I'm going to change that.

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In any case, the word "bekk" appears to be a word invented for DIvI' Hol to represent the Klingon word "beq" - as "gagh" for "qagh", "pebot" for "pe'bot", "Kronos" for "Qo'noS", etc. A question that remains for me: Is "bekk" an acceptable (i.e., usable in an English sentence in Duolingo) translation of the Klingon word "beq"? Thank you jdmcowan and DavidTrimb3 - I appreciate the time you have taken to reply thoughtfully.


For that remaining question, I would say, "no," but one of my fellow contributors clearly thought, "yes". Thus I have removed it as a "best" translation, but left it as an "acceptable" translation.

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