"Podívejte se spolu na své děti."

Translation:Take a look together at your children.

September 1, 2018

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Who are together, the parents or the children?


podivejte se spolu na sve deti -would be the czech for this I translated it as: take a look at your children together


And what happened? That's the official translation above.


Would "Take a look together at your children" be a valid alternative? I keep getting marked as wrong, but as far as I understand it, the meaning is identical, but it removes the ambiguity in English about whether the children or the parents are together.


Judging by the placement of spolu in the original, it seems clear that "together" relates to the parents. While "Take a look together at your children" might remove the English-side ambiguity, to me, it just feels like an odd-sounding, literal translation of the Czech sentence.


Sure, I agree it's a very-slightly-odd-sounding sentence, and a literal translation. However, it's perfectly correct English, using very standard grammar. Given that this is a Czech-for-English-speakers course that's testing our ability to understand the use of Czech, I don't think it should be marked as incorrect in this exercise.

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