"Kapan dia melahirkan bayinya?"

Translation:When did she give birth to her baby?

September 1, 2018

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i realise melahirkan means 'to give birth to', but i think in english we are just as likely to use 'have' in this instance, as in: 'when did she have her baby?' is it possible to include that as acceptable translation here?


is there anything in the Indonesian to indicate the tense of this sentence?


if it was future tense, it would be something like "Kapan dia akan melahirkan bayinya?" When will she give birth ...


Is there a reason why "When did she give birth?" would not be correct? I realize the Indonesian version specifies "her baby" but come on, to whom or what would she give birth other than her baby?


Air putih : water... She could give birth to an alien if we was in a movie

[deactivated user]

    '...give birth to her baby...'

    What else would she give birth to?


    When did she gave birth to her baby? is right as well


    no, it's a tricky one in english, but the simple past conjugation 'gave' won't work here. the main verb in the english version of the sentence 'to do', has already been made past tense: 'did'.

    you could technically say: 'when had she given birth?' to emphasise the action being in the past. but to be honest, that kind of emphasis doesn't really work well with this context.

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