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  5. "Why do people wear clothes?"

"Why do people wear clothes?"

Translation:लोग कपड़े क्यों पहनते हैं?

September 1, 2018



What is the difference between क्यु and क्यों?


क्यु is colloquial. It isn't used in written or in formal situations.


can some one explain this for me


Will a word by word translation help?

लोग - People
कपड़े - clothes
क्यों - why
पहनते हैं - wear (हैं denotes plural subject and present tense)


वयों first doesn't work?


No, it doesn't. Question words in Hindi are generally placed in the same position as whatever would replace them in an answering statement, rather than at the beginning of the sentence, as in English.


Can you explain this or give an example?


लोग कपड़े पहनते हैं People wear clothes क्या लोग कपड़े पहनते हैं? Do people wear clothes? लोग कपड़े क्यों पहनते हैं? Why do people wear clothes?

Maybe you are confusing क्यों with क्या since क्या can be placed in the beginning of a sentence.


I think I get it! So the question word goes where the answer to the question would go. People clothes WHY wear - People clothes BECAUSE IT'S COLD wear.


Thanks; very helpful. I don't remember Duo tips being so helpful on this point.


Literal translation is "People clothes why wear?" Why couldn't you say "People why clothes wear?" What determines where to put the WHY?


Good question. This may not be the only reason, but generally speaking, "why" is placed before the word you want to know the reason for. "People clothes why wear" asks why people wear clothes. On the other hand, "People why clothes wear" asks why people wear clothes, instead of wearing something else.

Take that with a grain of salt though because the above difference can also be expressed by changing intonation, sometimes irrespective of the word order. And then there is context.


So according to this logic the "why" in the Hindi sentence can be placed pretty much anywhere and still be correct (albeit with a slightly different meaning): Why do people wear clothes? Why do people wear clothes? Why do people wear clothes?


My observation is that you put it just before the verb, personally it helps me to get it right.


ये PK का सवल था ! (अगर तूम ने इस moovie को देखा है)


लोग कपड़े क्यों पहनते हैं।


what is the difference between "कपडे " and कपड़े? Can anyone explain me?


कपडे is a misspelling of कपड़े.


See the little dot under the ड?
That changes the pronunciation from ḍ (ड) to ṛ (ड़).


Hi how are you all

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