"Tini kembali ke sekolah."

Translation:Tini returns to school.

September 1, 2018

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Why "Tini returns to the school" is not accepted??


It is accepted as of July 2021.


Is Tini going back to school only in the physical sense?

English has another meaning for "going back to school": if a person has stopped attending school (stopped being educated in a school, for example to have a child or get a job) we say they "quit school" or "left school".

If they later decide to return to being educated in school, we say they "returned to school" or "went back to school." The language is exactly the same, but the meaning is quite different. Context is the only way we know which one is actually meant. It's also considered a very positive thing to "go back to school" in order to continue an interrupted education.


"tini kembali ke sekolah" has the physical sense of tini physically returns to school maybe to get something left behind in her school.

as for how to say that tini is going back to school in a sense of attending school again after she left/quit school, you can say for example "tini kembali bersekolah". hope it helps.


I would also like to know the answer to this.

[deactivated user]

    Ke sekolah or di?


    I think, in English, it is an exception. We go to school, to church


    Comes back is the same as returns, surely!


    Who would want to return to school.


    Why is Tini comes back from school wrong


    "Ke" sekolah.

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