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"You are welcome."


September 1, 2018



This is incorrect. "Sama-sama" does not mean "You're welcome"... it literally means "the same (to you)" and is used in a more slang or lazy way of returning thanks. A proper "You're welcome" should be translated to "terima kasih kembali" as in "thanks back to you".


Can I also say "Masama", it is a very informal way of saying you are welcome/your welcome.


Just learned selamat datang is welcome, is that the same as sama-sama?


Sama sama means same to you


Sama-sama "same same" so its like if someone said thank you, and you said "you'd do the same for me". It's casual way of saying you're welcome.

Selamat is a strange one for english, but is closest to congratulations. Datang means come.

So congratulations your coming here. Is somewhat what selamat datang means. In the same way selamat pagi is Congratulation the morning.

Hope that helps somewhat.

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