"Tidak, sama-sama."

Translation:No, you are welcome.

September 1, 2018

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No, you're welcome!


Why you have to say tidak (no) you are welcome . Is this person welcome or not???? I know that the indonesian people are very kindly but I never hear tidak, sama- sama. Someone can explain it? If you say yes, you are welcome.(yo, sama- sama or better ya, selamat datang) I would except it??????


'you are welcome' in this case refers to the answer to 'thank you' Not actual 'selamat datang'.

Nevertheless: weird sentence indeed


you can think as this

A: "Sorry to bother you" B: "No, you are welcome"


I think this is how the conversation goes:

Person A: "Thank you!" Person B: "No, You are welcome."

Person B says "No, you are welcome" because he is close(figurative) with Person A. It is natural to say "No, you're welcome" with people you're close with. (e.g family, friends, coworkers)


My partner is Indonesian and she's says poople don't say this. (Javanese)


Does it really mean something along the lines of 'Not at all, you're welcome'?


I don't like this translation either. I never heard anyone in Indonesia say it like this. I've been there 7 times now. I think this is confusing


Have actually a different expression to say: You're welcome (to my house) ?

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