"Raj will go to Delhi after four years."

Translation:राज चार साल बाद दिल्ली जायेगा।

September 1, 2018

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Why baad and not ke baad.


Both of them are correct. Report it if it's not accepted.


In better English we say: Raj will go to Delhi in four years.


I feel like one can find a context where "after" also works. Raj is now in Lucknow. Next year, Raj will go to Mumbai. Then, after four years [in Mumbai], Raj will go to Delhi.


Or that he's about to go having not been for four years. Vinay comments below that the Hindi sentence can have both this meaning and the 'in'/'from now' meaning.


बाद is used here as an adverb. You can also use the postposition के बाद but then you'd need to use the oblique form of साल which is सालों.
राज चार सालों के बाद दिल्ली जायेगा।


does this mean Raj will go to Delhi for the first time in four years, i.e he is going now but has not been for the last four years. Or does it mean he will go in four years from now?


It can mean both


I want tamil language


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