"I go to the bank, the store, and the school."

Translation:Saya pergi ke bank, toko, dan sekolah.

September 1, 2018

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Why is the ‘ke’ not before toko and sekolah? I thought this would be saya pergi ke bank, ke toko Dan ke sekolah. Thanks in advance for any advice


All of those "ke"s, except for the one before "bank", are not important.

Compare these two sentences:

"I go to the bank, to the store, and to the school."

"I go to the bank, the store, and the school."

The logic applies in Indonesian, too.


With answers like this, it's better to include all nouns in the answers. Now the answer can easily be picked based on missing nouns.


Small shop, kiosk or stall


Kedai? Is this only used in Malaysia?


why not berangkat?


Because "berangkat" doesn't refer to the process of going somewhere, but it refers to one STARTING to go somewhere.

For example, "Kamu berangkat ke sekolah" means you (kamu) are going to school. You're about to go to school, which means that you haven't gone to school but you have the intention to go and you will do it.

"Pergi" can be used for the starting point of going somewhere or the process of going.


Thank you Newb_id. The distinction between berangkat and pergi was too subtle for me! Good explanation.

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