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"Naik ke atas atau turun ke bawah?"

Translation:Go up or go down?

September 1, 2018



According to the Indonesian Language, Naik is already going up and Turun is already going down. So you don't use "ke atas/ke bawah" because it will be considered an Inefficient Sentence. Since you repeat the same meaning.


I asked this elsewhere. It seems to double up or is it idiomatic Indonesian?


I have asked it elsewhere as well, but nobody seems to know the answer. I wish some native Indonesian speakers would read through the comments from time to time.


Actually, I am a Indonesian... and according to the rules in the language, repetitive words such as "naik ke atas" and "turun ke bawah" is incorrect. Its like a double up as Arkonide stated and is considered ineffective.


"Ascend and descend" is wrong?


I would have thought the literal translation should also be accepted: "Go up to the top or go down to the bottom?"


Up to the top or down to the bottom -- submitted


Still not accepted. I’ll try up above and down below if it comes up again


Could also be "going up or going down".


If you say "subir para arriba" and "bajar para abajo" in Spanish, it is considered incorrect because of the redundancy. Isn't it the same in Indonesian?


Relax guys, you can use "naik atau turun" or "ke atas atau ke bawah" or " naik ke atas atau turun ke bawah". All accepted, nothing wrong, we (Indonesian native speaker) understand all. No need to worry...


Thanks, good to know. I still wonder though, why DL consistently goes out to outside, down to down and so on - then tends to reject the redundant phrase when translating to English.


When you put "bawah" its a translation to "below", "turun" is "down".

The words, hints given are terrible!

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