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Course Improvement

How do I submit comments to Duolingo to improve the content of a course? I have been on the Mandarin course for a while. I find that some translations from Chinese to English or from English to Chinese are far too rigid and inconsistent. I reported back a lot of these cases. So far, there has not been any feedback from Duolingo.

September 1, 2018



Reporting is the right thing to do. The contributors don't get any compensation for their work and maybe they are overwhelmed by the number of reports (many of which may be incorrect reports).

The course will surely only improve in the future, but it may take its time.


Thank you for your response. The Chinese course is definitely much better than what it used to be. I was just trying to speed up the improvement process.


I think that you can only report your answers as correct when they mark them wrong. I find that the range of English translations that are accepted is way too restrictive, and it is very frustrating to get gonged out of a test-out because I have been marked wrong on a range of English expressions that I know are correct.


Reporting is all you can do.. I got a feedback email a week ago so there's still at least one contributor looking at them. They're certainly not as active as they used to be - so it might take a while, but most of the course is also a lot better than it used to be.

What I really wish is we would get some response from Duolingo about the fixes that are out of the contributors' control that haven't been touched since beta - the sound errors, the tone mistakes, the missing sounds and hints, etc.


Thank you for your response. I suppose I will have to lower my expectations and be patient. Communication is leaning heavily one way.


Yes,I am Chinese.My friends and me use English learn Chinese is too hard,they are all speak English.


It will take time. Keep it up and it will work for you.


It looks like bilingual people can apply to contribute to any of the courses. For the Chinese course for English speakers: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/zh-CN/en/status


Thank you for the information. I did not know that.


Today I received THREE MORE email notifications of changes they have made, so they are probably working with a limited team with limited available time. We have to remember that they are volunteers and not paid. I have received several over the last few months too.

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