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When will sound come to Swahili?

Hi, I’ve been on Swahili on and off since it first came out still in beta. It’s been quite a while but there was still no audio aspect to this course. When will this be expected?

September 1, 2018



I tracked down the contributor Emilian Mbassa who said that they completed the audio recordings more than a year ago. When asked who I should talk to about progress since there are literally hundreds of posts & comments asking for an update in the forum - he pointed me to @Myra - https://www.duolingo.com/myra

I've sent her 2 emails and a note on LinkedIn... so far to no response. Disappointing to say the least!


Thanks for the info. Duolingo could at least provide some feedback, like that the audio was refused for lack in quality. Their communication is very .... lacking.


A robot voice would be better than nothing and they have been able to add new voices to other languages. It now seems to me that they just do not consider it important. They could at least give some explanation rather than leaving enthusiastic posts and comments about sound coming followed by complete silence.


based on how things are looking, likely, never!


Why? I just started my Swahili and yes, it would be great to have it..


Because they promised sound in a couple of weeks years ago and then never added it. Every week there is at least one or two posts asking about it. Anyone who knows anything has ignored every single one. Admitting that they no longer plan to add sound would just result in downvotes and complaints but it seems to me that that is the case.


I tried the extension. No go on iPhone 6s/os 11.4. I am 100% mobile. I don’t get it-I know there would be folks in: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and or Tanzania where there are many Swahili/English speakers, might be interested if anyone reached out


They seem to think that some languages are not important or popular enough for sound. Personally I think that soundless courses are not good enough. Duolingo would be better off making sound a qualification for a new course rather than expecting a course to earn it


I also just started and would love audio.


I have been holding off on giving Swahili a more serious go because I feel my time is better spent on languages that have audio. Incomprehensible to me that audio has been sitting unused for so long. Hoping some upvoted comments from users will grab their attention...


I am in the same boat. The audio extension is great, but it is not perfect and I would feel more comfortable having it come from Duo!


Hi! I suggest you look at this post on Duolingo. Someone has made Swahili Audio Extension for Chrome and Firefox.


like what is wrong with duolingo??


According to the course status for Swahili, audio recordings were completed over a year ago. Something must be horribly wrong with Duolingo because they have not been added to the course yet.


Thank you very much for the upvotes!


Not having audio as part of the Swahili course is disappointing and frustrating. Duolingo was perfect for brushing up on my Spanish and I loved the training method. However, without audio feedback I cannot learn an unfamiliar language like Swahili. A year from now I am going on a month-long trip to Tanzania and I want to speak basic passible Swahili while I'm there. Everywhere I travel around the world I find that people appreciate you speaking (or attempting to speak) to them in their native language. Because I can't/won't wait for Duolingo to fix this long-standing problem, I found another Android app for learning Swahili that does have audio. It is called, simply enough ""Learn Swahili" You might check this out when you can.


I wonder about that too, it would be a real learning aid to have sound

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