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Idioms & Flirting

Although I have equipped these, I won't be starting on them until the very last thing in the Spanish course.

It does me no good to try to understand grammar that has not been taught to me yet.

September 1, 2018



Question kind of relative to the shop: if I buy timed practice, do I need to buy one every time I want to do it or I just unlock it?


Unlock it just once and you'll have it forever.


I had timed practice in the old version. so far not used it. In retrospect I wish I hadnt used it before. I would just try to run thru a lesson in my own set time if I wanted. My thought was to listen quicker but I myself did not see the benefit.


i don't know how practical those phrases are - some of them might be fyi / tongue-in-cheek / use at your own risk. a friend told me that a few of them may actually be a little offensive to say to strangers and loose acquaintances. i didn't ask if that was the case only in mexico (where she was from) or if it was culturally inappropriate in other spanish-speaking countries as well.


Unless they have been updated, Idioms and Flirting are more or less direct word for word translations of English phrases said in Spanish. I would say go for it now just so you can catch a glimpse at what's to come in the future regarding sentence structure.


I just got these bonus courses and I had exactly the same thought. I haven't touched them either.

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